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Fly Higher Sports Nutrition Coaching Program

Fly Higher Sports Nutrition Coaching Program

For the runner, triathlete, cyclist, OCR athlete, or skier that needs accountability and support to make important sports nutrition changes, this 3-6 month sports nutrition coaching program is the perfect option. After an initial session and road map is set up, you will have unlimited email access to communicate with your FlyNutrition dietitian, bonus trainings, and will have weekly check-ins with goal setting throughout the time working together.

What's included...

  • Initial 60-minute video or phone session with a sports dietitian nutritionist to set up your road map
  • Two 30-min follow up phone/video chat sessions per month about sport specific nutrition challenges
  • Detailed diet analysis and recommendations to improve athlete performance
  • Review of current lab and medical history
  • Periodized athlete nutrition plan with sport-specific goals
  • Personalized recipes to support goal achievement
  • Supporting resources for goal achievement
  • Pre-exercise & Post-exercise fueling strategy (a customized athlete nutrition program)
  • Personalized inter-workout fueling (if desired)
  • Sports product recommendations and supplement reviews
  • Unlimited email access to chat with your nutrition coach
  • Weekly food log reviews (if desired)
  • Exclusive Facebook group access for interaction with other members and access to bonus resources and trainings
  • Graduation gift for being part of our nutrition coaching program

Ready to achieve your sport-specific nutrition goals?​

Because of the high level of accountability and detailed nutrition work involved in this program, space is limited.  We encourage you to fill out an application and if we feel you are a good fit for the program, we will set up a strategy call. Check out the Testimonials page to hear some incredible success stories from endurance athletes in Denver, Boulder, throughout the U.S. and around the world who have used our sports dietitian and nutritionist services.
Starting at: $399/mo 

About the Fly Higher Sports Nutrition Coaching Program

Virtual Sports, Running, & Triathlete Dietitian Nutritionist Services For Endurance Athletes


Goal: Identify the starting line and what is & is not getting you closer to your goals.

  • Awareness of intake pattern in regards to meals and snacks
  • Awareness of inter-workout nutrition
  • Establish baseline of biomarkers
  • Awareness of beliefs around nutrition and body image
  • Awareness of lifestyle habits that may be impacting progress


Goal: Add individualized sports performance nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

  • Develop healthy fueling patterns to benefit performance goals
  • Develop meal composition strategy for the athlete to fuel different training days
  • Dial in detailed inter-workout fueling strategy
  • Address beliefs around food
  • Develop new lifestyle habits that support goals


Goal: Get consistent with habits. Ensure all areas of performance nutrition are covered.

  • Consistency of new patterns despite stressors and social schedules
  • Evaluate current supplementation protocol and adjust if necessary
  • Test fueling plans and maintain fueling patterns to help impact performance and recovery goals


Goal: Confidently move forward with the ability to adapt independently on your own.

  • Remove tracking of nutrition either via photos or MFP, Cronometer
  • Maintain results while removing tracking
  • Maintain habits and skills that were developed around fueling for performance and goals
  • Solidify self awareness skills that allow for adaptation when stressful or new situations arise

Our athlete nutrition program is right for you if…


You are a runner, skier, triathlete, cyclist, climber, mountaineer, or other endurance athlete that wants to develop a sustainable, practical, & customized athlete nutrition plan.


You are tired of following meal plans, extreme diets, and tracking.


You are confused about all of the nutrition information out there and want clarity as to what will benefit your health and performance.


You want to optimize your nutrition to help you optimize your sports performance.


You want to have a healthy relationship with food.

Other Programs and Services For Endurance Athletes

runner sitting on trail having snack

Fly Higher Flight Collective Membership

$37.99 / month (cancel at any time)
The easiest way to get support from Kylee, the collective is run through the Circle Membership app, where you can chat with others in the space and also get your questions answered by a sports dietitian, monthly expert-led masterclasses on sports nutrition topics that will be recorded in case you miss them, a membership resource library of past recordings, and a monthly newsletter with recipes and the tea on the latest in endurance sports nutrition!

Microcosm coaching for runners

PCR Stool Testing+Interpretation Call and Plan

$550 – Stool Test+Interpretation Call and Plan with Kylee
If you aren’t needing coaching right now but are feeling stuck as an endurance athlete with gut issues that are derailing your training and life? PCR stool testing can help us take a closer look at what’s going on on the inside and develop a nutrition plan that will help you heal and thrive.

Testing done through Diagnostic Solutions, Call and Plan set up with Kylee once results are received

Microcosm coaching for runners

Single Race Day Fueling Session

Have an upcoming race but haven’t fully dived into the nitty gritty of the fueling plan yet? This hour-long 1:1 session will take a deep dive into your target event, include some education on what your plan should include, and then you’ll build a race plan together so you can test it well in advance. Please note it is suggested that you have your fueling session 3-6 months before your target event for best results.

kylee standing in running gear putting her hair in a pony tail

Masterclasses and Group Programs

Prices vary
For the person that wants to dive in on their endurance sports nutrition, but doesn’t need 1:1 support at this time, we offer a variety of masterclasses and group programs to support you on your endurance sports fueling journey. Classes and programs are always recorded and available for lifetime access and replay.

Microcosm coaching for runners

Personalized Run Coaching

Starting at $179/mo
Whether you are training for your first race or you want to progress further with your running goals, FlyNutrition & the Microcosm Running Community have got your back.

Custom monthly training programs include daily interaction with your FlyNutrition running dietitian coach and regular Microcosm group interaction.

Our philosophy at Microcosm is to develop an individualized, whole lifestyle approach to training that can bring balance to your live while working towards your goals.

Ready to take flight into better health and performance?