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Welcome to FlyNutrition

Where we help you separate nutrition facts from fads to fuel yourself to PRs in races and in life. 

Kylee Van Horn, sports dietitian nutritionist at FlyNutrition

Who We Are & What We Do

Here at FlyNutrition we are endurance sports dietitians with a passion for helping you change the way you fuel your body. We’re runners, triathletes, and skiers and have been there ourselves. We get you. No diets. No fads.  No gimmicks.

Start hitting PRs

Correct micronutrient deficiencies

Figure out how to correct complex GI issues

Nail your race day fueling plan

Become an adaptable eater in all situations

Stop obsessing over every morsel of food you put in your mouth

Fuel with confidence in-season and in the off-season

Although FlyNutrition is based in Carbondale, CO, we provide virtual nutrition coaching to clients in Denver, Boulder, throughout the U.S., and around the world.

We have got you covered.

We Are a Good Match If

You are an everyday or elite endurance athlete of any age and want to reach specific health and performance goals.

You are serious about reaching your goals in the right way, focusing on fueling your body, not fads and restrictions.

You are not looking for a cookie-cutter meal plan.

You are tired of starting program after program only to become more confused with your nutrition.

You don’t want another DNF in a race due to your nutrition.

You want to dig deeper to get to the root cause of your problems instead of just putting a band-aid on things.

Ready to take flight into better health and performance?

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