Testimonial 6

“Kylee has helped me improve my anemia and become a better athlete. When we started working together, I was very anemic and still trying to train on a high level. Unlike my doctors, Kylee didn't tell me to run less, but instead we worked together to change my diet to improve my performance in ultra running. Not only have I gotten faster and been able to train at higher volume than ever, but my mood and overall health has increased. Kylee is AMAZING! I recommend her to anyone looking for better health, better athletic performance or better quality of life!”

-M. Hart, Collegiate Ultrarunner

Testimonial 5

“I've started working with Kylee Van Horn and FlyNutrition just a few months ago but the results I was looking for were almost immediate. I was looking for a more balanced and diverse meal daily "menu" to help me get proper fueling for sports performance/endurance training and Kylee hit the ball out of the park right away. Great knowledge about nutrition "facts and myths" that helped to fine tune my choices about both healthy/"real" food and also supplements. If you’re looking for guidance on how to fuel properly during a heavy block to your next A race or simply trying to eat healthier and better that’s a no brainer! Totally recommend!”

-G. Campos, Professional Triathlete

Testimonial 4

“Kylee is an absolute nutrition wizard! She answered all of my questions thoughtfully and clearly and was extremely quick with responding to messages. She also provided me with numerous resources to use so that I can more easily navigate my way around meal planning while training for an ultra. I'm so happy I got to work with her and highly recommend her.”

-K. Mona, Ultrarunner

Testimonial 3

“I just wanted to say thank you for bringing Kylee in yesterday.  She was great and had such great knowledge and presented it well.  I love that she had food there as a demo and that she was really practical in her information.  We have tried to do these before and I think she is well worth the $ and time.  Thank you for taking that on, I personally got a lot out of it.”

-Employee at Holy Cross Energy

Testimonial 2

“After decades of running 5ks to marathons, I ended up in Carbondale, CO from New England. It was my good fortune to find Kylee. She has presented me with the latest sports nutrition concepts and an abundance of patience and dedication. I’m so blessed and grateful for her expertise!”

-Ed Q., Marathoner

Testimonial 1

“Kylee helped me to identify foods and habits that were causing me some serious stomach issues. She was extremely thorough with the process, made sure I was following the plan and helped me stay focused on finding results. Since working with Kylee I have not only seen significant improvements in my daily life, but limiting my stomach issues and improving my nutrition plan has helped me see improvements in my performance as an athlete. Working with Kylee helped me to see the importance of nutrition as part of my everyday training plan and I am forever grateful!”

-Maddy F., Ultrarunner and Ski Mountaineer