About FlyNutrition

About FlyNutrition 

FlyNutrition was founded by Kylee Van Horn, RDN and is based in Carbondale, CO. Kylee has a B.A. in Biology/Pre-Veterinary Medicine from the University of Richmond, B.S. in Human Nutrition from Metropolitan State University in Denver, and completed her dietetic internship through the University of Northern Colorado. She offers virtual sports nutrition coaching for endurance athletes and is a running coach for Microcosm Coaching. She is featured bi-monthly as a columnist for Trail Runner Magazine and has contributed to Outside Magazine Online. She welcomes additional freelance writing opportunities, partnerships, and public speaking engagements.

Kylee Van Horn, RDN

How many times have you second guessed yourself about your nutrition as a runner or triathlete due to information overload? Maybe you’ve sized up your competition on the starting line questioning your own body size?

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in junior high school at the regional cross country meet. I requested a small t-shirt size for pre-race pick up and was denied because those shirts were being saved for the ‘smaller girls’. My friend and I even joked that we were considered the ‘big girls’, but deep down inside, I know we both felt our insecurities bubbling to the surface when we stepped on to the starting line the next day. This was just the beginning.

From eyeing up body size of competitors, to coaches that emphasized backing off the snacks, and teammates that would only eat lettuce after doing a 20 mile run, it all influenced my trajectory in the sports nutrition world.

I’m on a mission. A mission to separate facts from fads. To change the message in the endurance community from ‘skinnier is better’ to one that celebrates the health and performance no matter the body size.

Fueling doesn’t have to be complicated, and together I help endurance athletes shift their mindset to create an actionable plan that will help them achieve their performance-related goals through my Fly Higher nutrition coaching process! Contact me today!

Ready to take flight into better health and performance?