Here’s what clients are saying about FlyNutrition

“Kylee is amazing, with her program I was able to figure out why my diet wasn’t working and what I needed to improve on. For me I needed to see it visually on paper each week. I would write a food plan on Sunday and a fueling plan for my long workouts. I feel better each day and I am not getting run down on my workouts. I cannot thank Kylee enough!!”

Joanna E.

“Working with Kylee was such a game changer. I’ve learned and grown a lot in the past half year. “Fuel for performance” not only became a mantra but also served as a frame for me to understand how meal prep and tracking caloric balance are critical to performing at my best. Kylee was the person who helped and guided me through all this. She has great expertise, and is also a wonderful person to talk to! It’s still a long path to go, but Kylee gave me the tools to keep going.”

Corinne G.

“I’ve been working with Kylee for over a year now to dial in my nutrition during training and racing. The weekly meal plans ensure I am getting the right fuel to my body for my workouts whilst also being delicious and varied! Kylee also helped me with a race fueling plan that helped me nail a recent 70.3 PR. I couldn’t have had the success in racing over the past year that I’ve had without FlyNutrition and I’m stoked to keep working together!”

Sam B.

“When I started with Kylee about a year ago the only thing I knew is that I wanted to be better about what I put in my body. What I didn’t know is that I would start seeing food in an entirely different light. Carbs aren’t bad, eating more to fuel your workouts is good, you don’t have to cut things out of your diet to lose weight, eat the ice cream. I started feeling better with my workouts and life in general. I no longer had to overthink about what to eat because Kylee had it all laid out for me. Having that plan and doing my meal prep took the stress off of what to eat during the week and stopped me from binge eating that bag of Doritos. I started WANTING to always go by my menu plans because I liked how eating the right things made me feel. I’m a much happier person now.”

Cris M.

“I just wanted to thank you (times infinity) for all your time, energy, and expertise this last year! I had the physically strongest training block of my life. Mentally strongest as well. I know that was in no small part due to all your amazing nutrition and fueling guidance. For the first time since I was a teenager, my body is getting the right amount of food and nutrition to fuel itself and I’m clearly seeing what I can do when that is the case. You are so incredible and have made the biggest difference in my life. Thank you for being you and sharing all your incredible knowledge with me and the world!”

Trish H.

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