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If you’re looking to work with the best and most qualified sports nutritionists in Denver, CO — look no further! Whether you are looking for a running dietitian, triathlete dietitian, endurance dietitian, or general sports dietitian, we will help you achieve your nutrition & performance goals.

At FlyNutrition, we strive to dig deeper with clients by critically analyzing nutrition status, simplifying evidence based nutrition information, and restructuring lifestyle habits to create a personalized, nutrition road map. A high level endurance athlete myself, I am no stranger to knowing what it takes to reach health or fitness related goals. Whether you are looking towards completing your first race, accomplishing a new PR, or nailing your other sports performance goals, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today if you have questions, or check out our programs to get started!

— Kylee Van Horn, RDN

(Founder of FlyNutrition)

Here’s what some of our Denver nutrition coaching clients have to say!

Expert Sports & Triatlete Dietitians Providing Nutrition Coaching with REAL Results

Joanne E. Testimonial

“FlyNutrition is amazing, with their program I was able to figure out why my diet wasn’t working and what I needed to improve on. For me I needed to see it visually on paper each week. I would write a food plan on Sunday and a fueling plan for my long workouts. I feel better each day and I am not getting run down on my workouts. I cannot thank FlyNutrition enough!!”

Joanna E.
Denver, CO

Joanne E. Testimonial
“Kylee provided an efficient and easy-to-follow path that led to reaching my goals we initially established. I became a healthier and happier person, and a better athlete. Kylee gave me all the tools I needed to get rid of constant and acute digestive issues, to overall feel better and more energized, while improving my athletic performance. The work and results we obtained have been life-changing for me. Thank you so much Kylee!!”

Fanny K.
Denver, CO

Cris M. Testimonial

“From working with FlyNutirtion, I feel better with my workouts and life in general. I no longer have to overthink about what to eat because Kylee laid it all out for me. Having that plan and doing my meal prep took the stress off of what to eat during the week and stopped me from binge eating that bag of Doritos. I started WANTING to always go by my menu plans because I liked how eating the right things made me feel. I’m a much happier person now.”

Cris M.
Denver, CO

Our Denver Nutrition Program is right for you if…


You are looking for a ultra running dietitian or sports & performance dietitian in Denver, CO.


You are a runner, skier, triathlete, cyclist, climber, or mountaineer that wants to develop a sustainable & practical nutrition plan.


You are tired of following meal plans, extreme diets, and tracking.


You are confused about all of the nutrition information out there and want clarity as to what will benefit your health and performance.


You want to optimize your nutrition to help you optimize your sports performance.


You want to have a healthy relationship with food.

About the Fly Higher Sports & Endurance Nutrition Coaching Program in Denver

For the runner, triathlete, cyclist, OCR athlete, or skier that needs accountability and support to make important sports nutrition changes, this 3-6 month sports nutrition coaching program is the perfect option. After an initial session and road map is set up, you will have unlimited email access to communicate with your Fly Nutrition coach, access to an exclusive Facebook group and bonus trainings, and will have weekly check-ins with goal setting throughout the time working together.

Because of the high level of accountability and detailed nutrition work involved in this program, space is limited.  We encourage you to fill out an application and if we feel you are a good fit for the program, we will set up a strategy call.


Goal: Identify the starting line and what is & is not getting you closer to your goals.

  • Awareness of intake pattern in regards to meals and snacks
  • Awareness of inter-workout nutrition
  • Establish baseline of biomarkers
  • Awareness of beliefs around nutrition and body image
  • Awareness of lifestyle habits that may be impacting progress


Goal: Add individualized sports performance nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

  • Develop healthy fueling patterns to benefit performance goals
  • Develop meal composition strategy for the athlete to fuel different training days
  • Dial in detailed inter-workout fueling strategy
  • Address beliefs around food
  • Develop new lifestyle habits that support goals


Goal: Get consistent with habits. Ensure all areas of performance nutrition are covered.

  • Consistency of new patterns despite stressors and social schedules
  • Evaluate current supplementation protocol and adjust if necessary
  • Test fueling plans and maintain fueling patterns to help impact performance and recovery goals


Goal: Confidently move forward with the ability to adapt independently on your own.

  • Remove tracking of nutrition either via photos or MFP, Cronometer
  • Maintain results while removing tracking
  • Maintain habits and skills that were developed around fueling for performance and goals
  • Solidify self awareness skills that allow for adaptation when stressful or new situations arise

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