Eating For Immune Support During Race Week


The scenario is all too familiar. You’ve managed to stay healthy while logging countless kilometers and the time has finally come to taper for a big race when the next thing you know, you are sniffling and sneezing, hoping your cold doesn’t knock you off your feet and leave you bedridden!  

I offer suggestions on how to support your immune system through diet in my most recent article published on Faster Check out the full article here.

Unpacking Your Protein Bar


Protein bars have their purpose in an athlete’s healthy diet. While whole-food sources tend to be the gold standard for nutrition, protein bars pack a lot of punch for their size and ease. Because they contain carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals in a small treat, they can be used as convenient workout fuel or as a recovery tool. However, knowing what kind of bar is best for your needs and workouts is key.

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Train Smart, Eat Right


We like to assume that increased training translates to better health and, thus, more energy. However, when we increase training for a long race, we are sometimes left feeling lethargic, instead of more energized.

For many, proper nutrition throughout hard training is an afterthought. Eating well during your training cycle, not just on race day, is key to optimal performance.

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